Rare Metastasis of Rectal Cancer to Scrotal Skin: A Case Report, and Literature Review


Rectal Cancer
Rectal Neoplasms
Scrotal Lesion


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Abdollahi, A. ., Saeedi, A. ., Azadmanesh, Y. ., Etezadpour, M., & Zandbaf, T. (2022). Rare Metastasis of Rectal Cancer to Scrotal Skin: A Case Report, and Literature Review. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 24(5). https://doi.org/10.32592/ircmj.2022.24.5.1489


Background: The most common manifestations of metastatic colorectal cancer are found in the liver, lung, bone, and brain. Cutaneous metastasis is rare in rectal cancer, and it indicates a widespread disease and a poor prognosis.

Case presentation: In this report and review we present a 58-year-old man who diagnosed with rectal cancer (RC) and underwent abdominoperineal resection. The patient developed a skin lesion (indurated erythema) on his scrotum four months later. Histopathological examination revealed adenocarcinoma with lymphovascular invasion.

Discussion: The primary causes of mortality in people with RC have been reported to be disease dissemination and recurrence. Cutaneous metastasis to the scrotum happens seldom, accounting for less than one percent of the total surface area of the body. 

Conclusions: Even if an RC patient has been asymptomatic for a long time, skin involvements must be considered by clinicians. So, giving specific attention to all skin nodules, non-healing ulcers, and chronic indurated erythema is essential. Early detection relies heavily on patient engagement.



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